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Century is your best destination for pro-quality tools and supplies.

Welcome to Century Trading Co., Inc., where high quality meets extensive variety. Our deep range of professional tools and supplies is designed for demanding use in various industries, including construction, mechanics, agriculture, and beyond. Discover the full spectrum of Century’s products and experience why it’s always worth the trip.

abrasives category

Precision Cutting & Abrasives

Century offers top-grade grinding and cut-off wheels, flap discs, carbide burrs, and a variety of discs for all surface preparation needs.

collage of air supply products

Air Management Essentials

Featuring quick-connect couplers, durable hoses, top-tier lubricants, and accurate gauges, we cater to all your air tool needs.

bins of category 5 bolts at Century

Reliable Fasteners

Our inventory caters to a variety of construction needs with Cotter Pins, Nuts and Washers, various Screws, Carriage Bolts, and Grade 5 Bolts.

Chain Cable Rope category

Rigging & Lifting Gear

Century’s chains, cables, ropes, and rigging accessories is selected for secure and efficient hauling in construction and industrial settings.

a selection of cleaning products on the retail shelf

Cleaning & Sanitation

Tackle tough environments with Century’s robust range of cleaning and sanitation products, ensuring a professional and hygienic workspace.

Drilling products - various types of drill bits

Drilling & Thread-Cutting

Century’s wide selection of precision drill bits, taps, dies and sets for diverse industrial needs.

Gloves category

Work Gloves

Protect your hands and improve your grip with Century’s wide range of durable leather, nitrile, and latex gloves.

Hand Tools category

Hand Tools

The best selection of hand tools, including screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, and sockets for professionals and homeowners.

essential project hardware category

Project Hardware

Find everything from storage hooks and hangers, cabinet hinges, knobs, and door pulls to threaded rod, u-bolts, and padlocks.

pulleys on display for sale

Pulleys & Drives

Mechanical power transmission components including roller chains, sprockets, weld-on hubs, belt pulleys, pillow blocks, flange bearings, and more.

Paint Supplies category

Paint & Prep Supplies

Century stocks high-quality spray paints, brushes, and prep tools for perfect finishes in any painting project.

Milwaukee power tools displayed at Century

Power Tools

Equip yourself with Century’s advanced power tools for woodworking, construction, and all industrial tasks.

Landscaping category

Gardening & Ground Maintenance

From shovels to rakes, Century’s tools make landscaping and maintenance work efficient and enjoyable.

Prograde Tarps & Accessories category

Tarps & Accessories

Protect and cover with Century’s range of heavy-duty tarps and accessories, perfect for trucking, agriculture, and industrial uses.

trailer parts category

Trailing & Towing

We have trailer, towing, cargo, and motor-vehicle accessories designed to meet all your transportation and hauling needs.

photo of welder wearing welding helmet and welding gloves

Welding & Cutting Supplies

Choose Century for reliable welding equipment and accessories including rods, helmets, jackets, and more.

Visit our Metals Yard for Bottled Gas & Cylinders.

wiring, electrical, lights category

Wiring, Electrical & Lighting

For professional and DIY projects, we have cable ties, clamps, connectors, LED work lights and trailer lights, reflective safety lights, heat shrink tubing, and terminal assortments.

Casters category

Casters & Wheels

Century has a large selection of high-quality mobility solutions for various applications in industrial, agricultural, and contracting environments.

Apparel category


Rep the brands you love with hard working, hard wearing gear.

Storage category


Century stocks the largest selection of Milwaukee Packout™ System in the area. In addition, you’ll find a huge variety of tool and household storage options from other brands you love.

PPE Category

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Safety first!

Milwaukee Parts

Century Trading Co. maintains an enormous catalog of Milwaukee Parts and Accessories.

Gas category

Bottled Gas & Cylinders

Century Trading Co. exchanges and fills leased cylinders with Oxygen, Argon, Argon/CO2, and Acetylene.

General Store

Century Trading Co. has a lot more in the store than can be generally categorized!

Gift Carts Category

Gift Cards

Let them get what they really want! Century has re-loadable gift cards available in any amount you choose.

Available only in the store.

Gift cards are the perfect stocking-stuffer or last minute gift. But they are so much more, too. It’s a great way to fund the budget for a specific project or to let your team get what they need, when they need it, without big surprises at the end of the job.

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